Contact a Hero

By Noah's Bandage Project

Published February 11, 2016

Step 1

Long hospital stays can be made to energize you. Make time go by faster with this fun idea from Noah! Everyone has a hero! Some are sports stars, actors/actresses, or other personalities. Think about your hero or someone that you truly admire.



Step 2

Go online and find 3-4 facts about your hero (their hobbies, birthday, hometown) and then start creating your poster about them! Make sure to include their name on the poster and decorate it till you are 100% satisfied.



Step 3

Have your parents help you by finding their social media outlet and sending a photo of your poster to them. It’s a good idea to send a small note or message letting them know you are thinking about them. Maybe your hero might just reply and become a friend… Don’t forget to #NoahsBandageProject and #Zingity!