Mask it!

By Noah's Bandage Project

Published February 11, 2016

Step 1

Long hospital stays can be made to energize you. Make time go by faster with this fun idea from Noah! Let’s try making some creative masks with a variety of materials that you can easily find. If there’s nothing you can find in the hospital, ask your parents to bring in materials from the house.



Step 2

When you’ve got your supplies, you’ll need to trace out a design onto your mask. You’ll want the mask to show how you feel, how strong you are, or your funny side. Don’t forget to trace out holes big enough for your eyes. Ask someone to help you put the mask up to your face when you draw the eyes so you can be sure the eyes are going in the right location! You don’t want to put on a mask and not be able to see at all. :)



Step 3

After your holes are all drawn out and you’ve decided on a design for your mask, grab your markers and start to color the mask however you’d like.



Step 4

Carefully, cut out the holes to your eyes and any other areas where you need to cut the mask. Start wearing it and enjoy seeing people smile!