A Sleepover & Bed for Buddy

By Shadow Buddies

Published January 26, 2016

Step 1

Before you start your sleepover with your special friend, they’re going to need a place to sleep! You will need to get a small cardboard box, or shoebox and construction paper, felt cloth, and other decorating supplies (optional).



Step 2

We have to give your Buddy somewhere special to sleep, when they’re not cozy in your arms. If you are using a shoebox either get rid of the lid and face the box so that you’re looking inside of it. Make sure the box you have is big enough for your Shadow Buddy, if not find one that’s a bit bigger, you want the Buddy to be comfy.



Step 3

You can decorate the interior of the bed if you want, just make sure if you use anything like paint you let it dry before putting your Buddy to sleep.



Step 4

The outside of the bed comes next! Make sure to put your Buddy’s name somewhere on the outside, so everyone knows whose bed it is.



Step 5

When it’s time to go to bed, make sure your Buddy is all dressed and ready for sleep. Give your Shadow Buddy a goodnight kiss and place your Buddy in his/her bed. You can tuck your Buddy in with some felt cloth, and even tell him/her a story if they just can’t fall asleep yet. Afterwards, join your Buddy in slumberland!