A Scribble Turned Into Abstract Art

By The Zingity Team

Published February 5, 2016

Step 1

Abstract art may not always make sense to everyone, sometimes people wonder if it ever even made sense to the artist, but it can be a lot of fun to make. Before getting started you need to know a little bit about Abstract Art. Generally speaking, this art that doesn’t have a subject, that is to say, when you look at the artwork you can’t make out anything. A lot of abstract art focuses on lines, shapes, and colors. To get the full idea you may want to take a moment and look up an artist named Jackson Pollock. To make your own abstract piece today, you’ll need a few simple things; a black marker (one that is not running out of ink), 3-5 other color markers or 3-5 crayons, a sheet of white paper (the size doesn’t matter), and a willingness to stretch your creative mind while having a bit of fun.



Step 2

With your paper in front of you, uncap your black marker and place the tip on the paper. The biggest rule in this step once you put your marker down you are not allowed to lift it off the paper until you are done. Without trying to create any object, move your hand around the paper creating loops that interconnect and weave into one another. Basically, you’re creating a giant scribble. Don’t over do the scribble and go too long, as you want there to be a decent amount of space between your lines because you're going to color in between those next.



Step 3

Now look at your scribble and take note of all those spaces between the black lines. This is the space that we’re going to color, but there’s going to be a rule in this step too! You cannot have color touching color, meaning there needs to be an untouched space that will be left white. If you mess up, just keep going and try your best to abide by this rule. Also, think about what colors you’re going to use. Very popular colors include the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. Primary colors are used in the creation of every color and made them really popular choices in this type of art.



Step 4

You’ve finished your first piece of abstract art! If you like this activity think about how many different ways you can make it yours. You can change the full activity to use watercolor or paint in place of the colored marks! Using watercolor might make a cool effect where the color bleeds through a tiny bit. Use these ideas and try different medias and ways to approach this process. When you’ve finished #Zingity to share it with our community. :)